The danger hovering over our soldiers: lack of combat equipment

The essential equipment required for fighters in Gaza and the north: The Unbelievable Story of Dayan Avraham Zarbiv, the Rabbi who is Fighting in Gaza


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For many weeks, since the beginning of the war, we have been crossing the country with our volunteers from south to north and north to south. Between the fighting front in Gaza and the fighting front with Lebanon on the northern border. The fighting is stubborn and difficult, and the needs for the soldiers only increase.

Initially we distributed over 18,000 sets of thermal clothing, sleeping bags and vests in over 30 bases and outposts throughout the country. Now we receive endless inquiries from soldiers and commanders fighting in the field explaining the most necessary need for them: auxiliary means for the actual fighting.

Not long ago Rabbi Avraham Zarbiv from Tel Aviv contacted us, who is himself a fighter in Gaza and was very well known in the Israeli media, and explained to us how
difficult fighting is for soldiers in the complicated terrain conditions, when they do not have modern and effective tactical equipment. Starting with binoculars and flashlights, through accurate weapon sights to drone cameras that help them navigate the terrain and locate in time the terrorists who surprise them and come out of the tunnel shafts.

we began to focus our activity on the most urgent contemporary need for the fighters in the territories, and to obtain for them tactical equipment and auxiliary means for combat.

1. Weapon sights

2. Night vision goggles

3. Letherman knives

4. Head flashlights

5. Weapon flashlights

6. Drone cameras for detecting threats and terrorist tunnels while fighting in the harsh terrain conditions

This equipment is now missing for the soldiers in Gaza and on the border with Lebanon. This equipment saves lives and without it the soldiers are exposed to danger every momen

That’s how a troop of terrorists was identified by a drone camera and was followed until their targeted killing without harming civilians.

That’s why we provide the devices and protection equipment for the operations of our fighting squads in Gaza. We have seen quite a few times how this equipment saves lives and prevent a great catastrophe

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