Save the Education and the Future of the Evacuated Children, be Partners Now!

Save the Education and the Future of the Evacuated Children, be Partners Now!


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Save the Education and the Future of the Evacuated Children, be Partners Now!

Since October 7, thousands of Israeli children from the south and the north have evacuated their homes. They are scattered in hotels throughout the country in places like Eilat, the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem.

They left their homes quickly and without much notice, in many cases being given only ten minutes to gather their belongings. They left with the bare minimum and were not necessarily placed with members of their community, making leaving even more difficult. Children haven’t see their friends for two months, and the residents of Sderot have already been informed that they for sure have to extend their stay in hotels until 12/31/23.

Many children didn’t properly settle into the educational institutions provided for them in the hotel area. Even those who had an easier time, suffer in the afternoon from lack of structure.

Chareidi families complained about the difficulty of educating their children who are not used to hanging out with children who are not Torah and mitzvot-observant. Parents do not allow their children to leave the room for fear of harming their pure education.

We visited the hotel area in Eilat and we saw the dire predicament the children are in. Some of these children experienced and saw really traumatic events. In Sderot alone, over 50 people were killed on Simchat Torah.

We decided to establish a regular daily educational routine for these children. The daily schedule includes reciting Tehillim, storytelling about our sages and learning Mishnayot.

Every day the children receive sweets, have a raffle for some games, and every weekend there is a raffle for more expensive toys to encourage the children to participate.

In many places we have set up a Talmud Torah with Rebbeim to engage those children who want to attend in the afternoon.

Our activity has expanded and every day we meet over five thousand children with this program.

Our brothers, we appeal to you to be of help in helping us continue this endeavor until these pure children, wherever they may be, return home healthy and whole in body and soul. The expenses are very large, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Chanukah is approaching. It is the holiday of lots of family time and educating our youngsters. When you are sitting at home with your children, remember that there are families who are in exile from their warm home. They are faced with many spiritual and physical difficulties without a normal daily routine.

Your small donation can change their harsh reality!

Together we will prevail!!

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