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This horror scenario is not a work of science fiction, it is here, on threshold of our city. The Arabs talk about it openly.


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The only city in Israel that defends itself on its own: We need your help now!

Imagine that every evening, while driving home with your wife and children, you find that you have no way to defend yourself or your family on the road home from stones thrown at your windows, flying Molotov cocktails, oil spills, and even the risk of terrorists firing upon your passing vehicle or planting explosives along your route. This is the daily routine for the citizens of Beitar Illit, a prominent city in central Israel.

Anyone who’s ever traveled to Beitar Illit has found it to be a bustling and prosperous city, boasting over 65,000 residents. But this city is also surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Arabs, the residents of the nearby villages surrounding the city, including ‘Hussan’ and ‘Nakhlin’, which are known to house a large number of illegal weapons. In recent times, while Israel’s security forces are focused on Gaza and on the Lebanese border, residents of the surrounding villages throw stones and Molotov cocktails towards Beitar Illit’s citizens; many times also trying to enter the city with explosives.

Terrorists live only a few minutes from the city of Beitar Illit and they watch the comings and goings of the city at all times. Inspired by the October 7th atrocities, terrorists regularly attempt to raid the Jewish city and massacre its residents, placing bombs in the schools and the institutional buildings known to be full of young people. The city of Beitar Illit, the majority of its population being comprised of women and children, is on constant alert.

The residents who were left alone

The city that has set itself the goal of combining its deep-rooted Jewish history with an emphasis on providing for the future; the cities focus on innovation has made it one of the most flourishing and prosperous cities in Israel in the fields of education, culture and development, ecology, places of employment, and more. Its street names are both Jewish and Zionist, important role models are immortalized everywhere, cultural figures are studied in every institution and special cultural evenings are held in honor of their namesakes; Most men are integrated in the national workforce and are known to also volunteer for community projects.

The municipality generally runs with a balanced budget, but as the majority of its residents are religious, insufficient attention and resources have been
provided for security training and medical centers for the residents to date; only approximately 50 of the city’s residents are permitted to carry weapons for security purposes – this provides a drastic lack of security forces in relation to the number of residents facing continuous, exacerbating threats from hostile neighboring villages.

Taking initiative

In response to the urgent need for protection, two young men who’ve since graduated from the IDF’s security units have founded a civil guard functioning as a ‘drone unit’, with the intention of creating a significant barrier to terrorists wishing to approach the city fences, further tightening the defenses of Beitar Illit. The unit is called a ‘drone unit’ because of its high importance in controlling the city’s surrounding environment, monitoring hazards, locating insurgents and making arrests, even in the heart of Arab villages, where a drone is known to provide focused aerial surveys and tracking enemy movements, and assisting in pinpointing operational actions of the forces entering the heart of the enemy’s territory on the ground.

“We have no choice but to take on this responsibility to protect ourselves and our families,” says Natan Meinart. “We have over 500 young people who want to volunteer for positions in security, observation, intelligence, medicine, and logistics in order to deal with these serious threats. But in order to fully and properly train and equip them, we need funding.”

This horror scenario is not a work of science fiction, it is here, on threshold of our city.
The Arabs talk about it openly.

The ‘Civil Guard’ and the ‘Drone Unit’ are in urgent need of essential and critical financial assistance for:

1. Purchasing drones to perform arial residential fence monitoring, 24 hours a day

2. Purchasing perimeter fence cameras along the entire city fence

3. Purchasing five (5) more patrol cars for perimeter patrols

4. Flashlights and night vision binoculars

5. Tactical and defensive clothing

6. Complementary medical equipment

Take a look at your wife and children at home, and imagine that they are daily in the same danger our women and children face.

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