Vaad Hatzdaka

The Vaad Hatzdaka organization was established in 2021 with the aim of raising charity funds for various cases, from concern for Ukrainian refugees to support on the front and the rear in Israel’s war with Hamas.

The association seeks to aid every case and need, regardless of class or status. Most of our projects work to provide help on a voluntary-basis, without political, sociological, or gender motives; rather, our efforts are borne of an ideology of charity and benevolence. Our highlight is humanitarian aid, helping institutions, and rehabilitating and saving human lives.

The organization also helps local councils, settlements, different populations and charitable organizations, albeit with two central bases: in Miami, Florida (USA), and in Jerusalem, Israel.

The charity committee works to provide donations on a large scale and through activity coordinators and volunteers; we continually improve the tools we have to encourage support for the most important of our causes.

We transfer the funds to their purpose within 30 days, so the donor does not need to worry about handling the funds transfer themselves. Not a single penny is misplaced or misspent. The supervision is tightly managed, the handling of the charity funds is done carefully, strictly abiding local and international laws and the rules of Halacha (religious law).


In cooperation with Vaad Hatzdaka, you can find prominent organizations in the world, such as the IDF, local councils within Israel, institutions of important rabbis, charitable foundations and various companies.

Vaad Hatzdaka has strict standards of reliability. All operations are double audited by two accountants, all operations are backed by double bookkeeping, and its conduct receives approval from proper administration and income tax authority approval for donation according to the law, every year.

All funds received as a donation are recognized for tax purposes by the donor (501-C3) and our system automatically sends a receipt for each donation received through the system.

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